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         1999,The National Transport Company, completes 75 years, indeed a moment of recognition for everyone that has helped us reach this important milestone. Most importantly "Our Customers" with whom our business revolves around.

         The Three Founders with foresight and to assist Industrial revolution started their lives in simple surroundings but with a vision that has seen the National Transport Company contributes to this important milestone today.

         Over 80 years ago, the eldest among three brothers, late Shri Kanaylal M. Kanakia came to Bombay at a very young age of 18 to start this venture himself and with his family. In his mission he joined M/s. Bombay Shipping Agency as a clerk in 1918, for hands on experiece,Shri Kanaylal there learnt the innovative ways and handled the services, and became an expert in the trade.

         Within a short span of three years he established his own company named M/s. Kanayalal & Co. providing Custom House Clearing & Forwarding services. He was later joined by his two brothers the late Shri Uttamlal M Kanakia who also worked as clerk in Bombay and the late Shri Manmohandas M. Kanakia who joined the company to shoulder higher responsiblities of administration of the new undertaking and shared a common vision.

         The intelligent work of these three gentlemen paid off immediately and in two years time they were able to take one of their most important steps in their lives which assissted both of them and the industries.

         They went in league with M/s. NATIONAL TRANSPORT COMPANY, which till today is growing and assissting on their philosophy, hard work, dedication and planning. A combined advantage of age-old experience and the latest offering in the service industry.

         Our complete focus of being first class service providers in C&F business & our mission to provide one stop shopping for Indian logistics solutions is the best possible service at the lowest possible cost along with the comprehensive range of services offered by us, has enabled industries to servive in global competition effectively. Our services includes :
A) Industrial settingup/expansion, Exim consultancy, & liasioning.
B) Clearing of Imported cargoes
C) Claims recovery.
D) Forwarding of Export cargoes.
E) Frieght booking by Air, Rail, Road and Ocean.
F) Pre and Post Insurance formalities.
G) Packing and Labour.
H) Transportation.
I) Warehousing, Clearing, Forwarding, Freight brokering, Export Import Consultancy, Insurance Consultancy, Recovery of claims & Transportation.

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